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It's all about Zeebre's things with her friend, Graffie, having the time of their lives together and being together for ever.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Zeebre Knows Sweet Baby Ray-Ray

E-Monster- Zeebre has had a lot of experience with Sweet Baby Ray-Ray, our crazy red bone hound dog. There are lots of funny things he does, but we are only listing a few of them.

Zeebre- This is my countdown.

1) The funniest thing is, he goes in da yard with da horse and da chickens and goes in the back left corner and THEN HE EATS DA POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!

2) At night he goes in Mommy B & Daddy S' room and stares at them for at least 1min then wipes his face on da end of da bed and then wipes his face on it then he leaves then comes back and repeats the cycle over and over.

3) He stands in line to get water when we're watching but when we turn away he cuts in line and drinks all the water, it really isn't fun for Kitty Bat and Little Brick.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Zeebre plus a friend challenges

Zeebre-  Im here today with my BFF Giraffe were doeing a challenge  who can climb  a tree the highest so the challenge starts now.

The winner is me Zeebre. Giraffe was scared to climb that high and upside down.                         


 Zeebre- So we have to see to see who gets the funny glasses.

Giraffe- Instant win I got those at a school dance they were 5 bucks those glasses were the best choice of my life.


So its the who can walk the most challenge

Zeebre- cool I won I really won the tie braker!!!

So thats all we could do today for the Zeebre plus a friend Challenges so goodbye.

Monday, November 27, 2017


The babies are here. They are both girls!!

It was a pretty easy delivery, considering Zeebre had twins.

Zeebre was in bed in the hospital for three days. She was so excited she could barely contain her hooves.

E-Monster- When the hooves went crazy i was miserable because she mauled me so much i was to sad to even eat a donut. 


Britney was born first she popped out with spunk! She was 7.9 ounces, seven inches.

Genette held on she didnt want to go at all! She was sad when she came out. She was 6.2 ounces and was six and a half inches.

Now, the babies are both happy to be here, snoogled in with their mom and dad.

Even though they may look a lot alike, you can tell who is who by their stripes.

the one over there ---> is Genette
the one over there <--- is Britney

Zeebre is the happiest zebra mommy on the planet! She can't cuddle her little babies enough. What a day in the life of a purple zebra!